Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

(Big for me) news first but we got pre-approved for a mortgage yesterday! So that’s…nauseating. And exciting. We spent $764 on one of the cars yesterday so I don’t want to spend money this weekend even though we have a car maintenance fund.
 The husband wants to order some book about Venn diagrams (I don’t know, he’s been working on a 5 way one for work) which will be about $40. I need to buy electrical tape ($5?). I have pottery ($2.50 for parking). We’ll probably get takeout ($30?). We’ve only spent 20% of our miscellaneous money this month so I kinda just want to blow it but I probably won’t, knowing me. Oh, we might go to the home and garden show and the Property Brothers will be there but also we hate crowds so probably not ($30 for tickets and parking)? I have a specific pottery tool that I need to find without knowing the name of it, so that will be fun. It may be one that someone made and I’ll have to make one ($5?).

Estimate: $112.50, rounded up to $125 just for fun.

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