Oh, as someone on a PhD stipend with student debt and a partner, I want to hear more about this!

I just realized I never responded to this! Sorry! We’re married. I’d never, ever recommend paying off debt to someone you’re not legally bound to unless you’re okay with paying off all that debt for them and then them leaving. Just looking out for the person without the debt (which was me). I put about 40–45% of my income toward the debt every month, and 100% of the husband’s part time jobs toward it. Over the summer, he worked three part time jobs, about 45 hours a week, I think? And 100% of that went toward the debt. We didn’t go out to eat, didn’t do anything, really, but we also paid $10,000 off in 4 months, so it was totally worth it. The other $17,000 we paid off over 11 months in 2014 in basically the same way. He worked a lot over the summer, but also had a REALLY excellent part time job as a test prep tutor (that paid about $30 an hour since it was before he got a raise, almost double what I make per hour as an admin assistant). Both of my extra paychecks that year (we’re paid bi-weekly) went toward it as well. People tend to think it’s a bit extreme, but it was our debt to pay and now it’s gone and we get to enjoy life now instead of having that over our heads!

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