Six Months of Austerity: The Big 3–0
Megan W. Moore

I’m turning 30 in early May and I am DREADING it. Nothing I wanted to do on my 30 by 30 list is done, and while I’ve accepted it at this point, I’m also really sad about it. There’s no reason why I can’t still do those things (it was my never my goal to turn up on a 30 under 30 list, ha ha), but it definitely feels a little more… grave that I didn’t do those things. I still have 4 months, but my life this semester is going to be a little bit fraught with spring semester stressors and planning a move in April/May to a city I’ve never been to. So that’s what the rest of 29 will look like, I guess, and it bums me out.

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