Do 1 Thing to Save $3.00
Nicole Dieker

I’m priming our living room ceiling! And possibly getting a coat of paint on the walls of the same room.

Can I rant for a minute? This is a really stupid thing so just ignore me. I worked retail for three years (at a bookstore), so I know that most customers are total morons, but the paint guy at the hardware store was so obnoxious yesterday when I said I had a custom color that I needed to get mixed up. I realize that most people, when they say that they have a custom color, usually bring in a paint swatch that they have to try to match, but I had the color formula for the machine and TOLD HIM THAT I HAD IT and he was still super obnoxious. And then he gave me the third degree on why the store number on the label was *so different* from the store numbers in Ohio. Because I originally had the paint mixed up in TENNESSEE. Believe it or not, some people use the same color in multiple houses and they MOVE STATES. People need to get out more.

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