Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

So… I’m lazy. Let’s just get that out of the way. I somehow manage to set lofty goals for myself over the weekend and then absolutely NOTHING. Which I’m fine with because my main responsibilities are to go to work, eat, make sure the husband eats, and not be slovenly. I can handle that. Anyway, I did hardly anything this weekend because of the aforementioned laziness. I also did not do the following things:

- clean out the second bedroom, my car, or the floordrobe
- order my t-shirts or a winter coat
- pay my library fine
- cook any dinners

I did, however:
- inexplicably buy three domain names on a whim ($15). I am not prone to whims so this was weird
- eat Whole Foods hot bar for two different dinners ($44.29)
- eat CFA for a different dinner ($10.54)
- order lunch in at work on Friday ($17)
- go grocery shopping (doesn’t count toward estimates)
- go to the library and check out 13 books without paying my fine ($0 but should have been $5 but I had no cash)
- work on my Christmas list because my mom has sent out the call for submissions ($0)
- watch the PBR BlueDef finals ($0)

Estimated $140, spent $86.83

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