I, Racist
John Metta

My trouble with talking about racism as Black v White or White v Anything really is that the system is more complicated than that. Sure, the overwhelmingly main detractor from an equality based society may come from “White” Privilege and power, but that is only because of historical circumstance. I believe that had history turned out differently, perhaps we would have an Africancentric society, or Japanesecentric society.

I cannot argue with a lot of your points. But what strikes me as strange about a lot of racism debates is that you are so quick to point out White people generalizing Black people into a group and forgoing their individual traits and characters, but you are doing the same thing by grouping White people as racists. Perhaps you don’t really believe this, but your prose comes accross differently.

The problem of racism goes way beyond skin color in my opinion. It is the same problem that leads to gender issues and class issues in the world. In order to solve it, we need to realize that as human beings we all have shortcomings and group “races”, genders and classes in the way we interact with our world. Unfortunately that is how our brain works. “I, racist”. I am racist, a feminist, a classist. I judge people by what they wear, how they speak, what they look like, how much they weigh. I believe we all do. Our brains are designed that way. All I can do is try and be aware of those shortcomings within myself and compensate for them so I can interact with people with as open a mindset as I possibly can. And all I can hope for from the society I live in is the same consideration.

*I am a black, native brazilian, european jew.

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