Exploring John Rawls’ Veil of Ignorance.

Growing up with four siblings and a two-slice toaster, we learned the “I cut; you choose” principle early on. Whoever cuts the toast is not allowed to choose first.

It’s the best way to make sure it is in the interest of the toast-cutter to make it fair (the trick I to cut it diagonally).

When John Rawls asked himself how a just society could look like he applied the same principle. He wrote the Theory of Justice and pondered how a just society would look like.

He knew that telling everyone to act just and selfless was not enough…

You don’t need to love what you do.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

It’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.

And yet the idea that we should do what we love is so ingrained in me that I can’t remember the first time I’ve heard it.

  • Don’t waste your time doing a job you hate.
  • Do something that you are passionate about.
  • Choose a career you truly love.

I am guilty of giving that advice so many times. But doing something I arguably love shows me the opposite every day.

There are so many problems with this idea.


#3 Make them mad more often.

Sometimes I look at the angelic face of my beautiful boyfriend and think how much of a better person he is than I am.

He is patient, always listening, supportive and sweet. I get offended when he teases me and passive-aggressive when he cooks with too much oil. I immediately think the worst when he is texting late or cancels a date. Also, I argue for fun.

In my search for self-betterment, I initially planned to write about how we can do better. But the more I thought about it, I realized that the best way to become a better…

“We´re just a mixture of the people we love.”

I used to think to make good writing I needed to be original. Unique. Think things nobody has thought of before. Write in a way nobody has before.

In fact, I started to think that before I even started to write.

Back in middle school, I used to draw a lot. To be accurate, I drew mostly portraits. Partly because I sucked at drawing bodies (especially male ones), but the main problem was that I quickly ran out of “original” ideas for drawing in a more freestyle way. …

If you don’t know how to make an impact, grow up.

Our culture has a strange relationship with growing up.

The moment we exit high school we are considered — and expected — to be adults. In charge of our decisions, mentally stable, dedicated, and serious members of society — while at the same time being “carefree” (whatever that means in 2021), and enjoying “the best years of our life.”

Legally, it’s not hard to become a grow-up. All we have to do is survive the first eighteen years after we’re born. Where the confusion comes in is what we mean by “growing up”.

According to the APA, psychological maturity is…

Exploring the idea of the Archimedean Point.

Knowledge is a weird thing. We all have plenty of it, or so we think. It’s a property we assign so much importance to that we spend thousands on college, online courses, seminars, and books.

And yet we can never be certain whether we know for sure that we know what we know.

It’s one fundamental problem to western philosophy that concerns science and philosophy equally. Our knowledge has no fundament.

If you think science does not have that problem, think again. Empirical knowledge is inductive knowledge, and, from a logical point of view, that is inexcusable. Why? …

There are only so many opportunities for the choices we make

Yesterday, a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I dyed my hair pink. To be accurate, my sister did it and she did a great job.

Temporary color, don’t use if you experienced allergic reactions to hair color in the past. That was said on the box of “flamingo pink” I had bought for 6 euros that morning after work.

12- 15 hair washes. If contact with eyes, wash out immediately and contact a doctor. Don’t swallow. Keep away from children.

And yet I had hesitated for so long. Why?

Partly, I think, because I was worried whether it would look good. Partly…

Logical mistakes everyone should know.

Among the best things we can learn from philosophy is how it can help us improve our thinking. It is not so much the specific contents and ideas that matter most, but the coherence and clarity by which we do so.

Unfortunately, this often slips between the cracks— we focus on the specific philosophy and its contents than what the way the argument is structured can tell us about improving our arguments.

One invaluable part of philosophy is in observing the logical mistakes we make.

Philosophy has a whole collection of them — fallacies and mistakes in reasoning we’re all…

A one-year anniversary of my socially acceptable pajama pants

One year ago, I bought myself a pajama. A nice, two-piece made of viscose from Marks and Spencer.

The trousers are wide-leg, held at the hips with a rubber band. The top has adjustable straps and is embroidered with fine lace. It´s not the fanciest, but the pants are almost socially acceptable.

Up to then, I had never bought myself a pajama ever. The few times I had put effort and some money into buying nightwear, it ended up hidden in the back of my wardrobe under my socks and sports bras.

But this week marks the one-year anniversary of…

Three philosophical concepts that can help create some clarity.

Talking about truth can be difficult these times. What is the truth? What does it take for something to be true? And what is the difference between both questions?

While some complain the media is lying, others claim to resolve the issue by claiming that we live in a post-truth era where conversations about truth have become impossible and altogether irrelevant.

And understandably so. These questions are tricky ones. After all, how could we figure out whether the truth about the idea of truth is true or not?

However unsatisfying the quarry about truth is, we can´t rid ourselves of…

Federica A.

Philosophy undergraduate. Collecting ideas & trying to be less wrong. Let´s chat — andraefriederike@gmail.com

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