Hi Vi, my mission was to share my story to help others avoid the same red flags.
Penny Kim

But Penny Kim sharing the company’s name is not roasting it is human behavior. That is how we humans managed the ones who broke unwritten trust bonds for thousands of years! We point an accusatory index finger and say loud and clear: he did it!

The story is great, I read it with pleasure, you write very well and can grasp an internet reader with cool idea flow, but in the end:

Michael could do to me the same thing!!

I don’t know what company, what bulldog, what address nothing. This is a mere blog post that can be fiction or reality because it is you story.

Why not make it journalism and put out real names not just data?

Later edit: HN saved me :D, but then so did your peppered clues, so yea thank you for sharing everything actually!
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