When does Apple become a true leader (not just in sales and market share) and not simply the best follower in the industry?
I agree that many manufacturers are not deeply innovating (Samsung still does), but by your own…
Mace Trahan

Do they need to become a true leader? Inventors rarely prevailed in business.

And they are leaders in design and usability, leaders in price/quality ratio, albeit not all their products lead.

Business is a lot more like war than like a game of chess. And Apple’s strategy has been a winner so far.

Don’t forget, it is not a one man show, there are many people’s money bet on Apple and everyone has a different perspective on what Apple should do. It is very hard to be independent and stand on your own and take risks when you are huge.

The one advantage they have is the one they exploited successfully in the past: monitor some one else’s missteps and experiments and pick the winner and execute right :)

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