Seriously? I know so few people that want!
Joscha Bach

Ha! I had about seven discussions with separate people, some grown up programmers, some barely having highschool graduated, women and men. In my experience the idea of having a once in a lifetime travel to another planet was getting everyone so high. It is the reason why news of pretend projects such as Mars One got so much hype.

Sure, once you dig deeper and you ask, “tell me why exactly are you so deperate to go live on a frozen sandy stormy hell hole?” the opinions and initial enthusiasm both collapsed. Faced with exact facts I believe not many would actually leave their homes.

But nevertheless, space travel! Another planet! Adventure. All these ideas that sometimes harshly ignore obvious bad decisions, must have I believe a deep hard coded reason in the depths of the mind itself, otherwise how can a system that devises things from nails, hammers to algebra decides to go fight for the ISIS all of a sudden.

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