I never prepared for this. I never thought what you think.
What’s the definition of irony?
Zõmbïē Sølö

I never prepared for this. I never thought what you think.

I cannot highlight this enough, I don’t even know for sure if you mean all it means to me, but it is the synthesis of examined solitude.

I never prepared for this.

People don’t get how it takes one’s entire experience to form a thought and live it fully. They feel like it is juts a string of words, or an idea or deep question, and bam! “why don’t you fix yourself like I did”. “Because I am not you, you prepared for this your entire life”, I always want to answer. All the well intentioned people’s keen insights falling on my deaf years.

Who else lived your life? No one. Go ahead and fool yourself into being happy.

I never thought what you think.

Yup, all the meanings you perceive are strange to me, all the dots you connect are in separate dimensions for me, so all this conclusion, advice, listicle, secrets, help, all make a bland stick whipping me for not being good enough, for not being you.

Vodka sure does deepen perspective, literally.