How easily we forget all this. But in our darkest hours, we always remember.
What matters is that we love
Fabiana Cecin

No, we don’t :( Umm I don’t. And … actually thinking harder I haven’t really seen others doing it. In our darkest hours we’re pure primal survivors.

How little we extract from bad events, from sickness, from deaths, from heartbreaks, simply because we’re in this numb survival.

And this life of doing which you have so esquisitely described above, this is pain and we treat is as a bad event. One long bad event. And we survive.

Love would make us thrive.

Our lives are gifts of existence. There is no debt, no mission, no task, no judgment.

This is what every TV station should be forced as communicating before every news broadcast.

This should be the first sentence at the beginning of every school manual.


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