About Green of Life’s “Kesunyian”

The song “Kesunyian” reached over 3000 plays on soundcloud!

It’s peculiarly the only song on there that got over the 400 plays mark. Almost every week someone played it… Here’s hoping it’s because it is embedded somewhere that has nice traffic or someone or some people really likes the song hahah… not just some weird internet play-spam thing.. either way, whatever, I think it’s one of the songs in the Green of Life world with lyrics I’m really proud of, so let me remember how it came into being. A short history of the song “Kesunyian”:

I remember first catching the melodies and structure of the song in a hotel room somewhere in Yogyakarta, was on a holiday trip or something there.. can’t remember exactly when but I’m pretty sure it was before graduating high-school in mid-2009, Green of Life kinda started round 2006–2007, so somewhere in between there. I was just sitting on the bed in that hotel room alone and the foundation of the song appeared. Pretty sure I wasn’t really in an ultra-meditative state as the song suggests, just chillin and staring at blank space.

It was originally called “Akapela Kesunyian”. yes, it was an acapella. I remember planning it to be released for the never realized, conceptual Green of Life album “Dreams”, with it idiosyncratically existing there as the one song without instruments in the middle of an album I imagined having really “out there” instrumentations. One of the memories that really stick for me was asking my Bahasa Indonesia teacher, Ibu Nina Rosida, to do a correction of the lyrics. I remember her kinda liking it and asking to send it to her when I’m done recording it.. and saying that it really is more of a really “poetic” piece than a “lyrical” one.

Another memory that really jumped out to me was in New York, late 2009, in my room in Adelphi University. I was just going in my room.. in a.. uh.. pretty weird, green-coloured, state of mind, and I chose to turn a recording of it (acapella) on and it was the hardest shiz ever, making a whirlwind out of my emotions and pulling some pretty dark thoughts about my future. In that room with that recording on, I really felt that maybe along the way there will be a time that I will have to face the world entirely alone. But yea I try not to think too much about that moment.. I mean.. you know.. we are all kinda alone AND with everyone at the same time right? Depending on your perspective of it and the circumstances.. so I just think that there’s always that part of us around: That one flame in that one candle burning alone…. and well, also.. I guess one thing that I learned in the last few years of my life is that I’m really not that much of a psychic like I thought back in “that crazy year of 2008” lol.. maybe sometimes I’m “vibing out with the universe” really well and I’m a good “dancer” thru it all… but all in all I got a lot of things about life really wrong :P haha.. so yea maybe that feeling I felt with the song in that room in New York was just a passing feeling too, I hope.

The Song was recorded again in 2011, for technically the first Green of Life release in album form, “Brighton” (https://greenoflife.bandcamp.com/album/brighton). By that time I usually sang it with the guitar and it was officially called “Kesunyian” without the word “akapela”. I chose to finally release the song in that EP because there were moments living in Brighton that really connects with the song. I remember times just sitting at the beach and reciting the lyrics, and despite meeting awesome friends that now proved to be really long-lasting in that wonderful town, I actually spent a lot of times alone in cafes and stuff, maybe listening to the Brighton EP in full will give you an idea of what’s really happening in my mind that time haha. The version in that EP, this very version that you can hear now, is actually recorded in London, in one of the trips staying at my mom’s friend, tante Yayuk’s house. The “bleeps” you can hear in the song are NOT intentional. It came from a bleeping, alarm-machine thing connected to the fridge in that house.. I don’t really know what it’s for. I really felt like recording a raw version of that song in that moment so I did it with that bleeping thing going on in the background. The “Brighton EP” that you can stream and download in the Green of Life bandcamp was initially not intended to be released for the public, it was a collection of raws as a blueprint to be recorded properly at a later time, hence the existence of the “Kesunyian “ track with the bleeping. What prompted me to ultimately release it as it is, other than because I couldn’t wait any longer to express the content of the EP, was because at the time I was getting more and more influenced by Lil B, I was feeling really damn #based and so I follow through in that philosophy of keeping it real and raw in my expression and just unleashed the EP as it was. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

SO yea, voila, that’s the story of “Kesunyian”. Singing it live at Tokove in 2013 and being videoed playing it last year (2014) gave me good feels too.. and I hope people who listen to the song can also dig deep to the depth that I think that song really have (please let those soundcloud plays be real people…LOL). To me, Kesunyian is uh.. I dunno HAHA. Listen to it for yourself if you haven’t ^^: https://soundcloud.com/green-of-life/kesunyian