Day 178 — Party Animals.

Day 178 — Hey! Here we are again. It’s Saturday and I don’t want to keep you from experiencing the day dedicated to watching cartoons and mowing the lawn. For some of us, Saturday is a day devoted to kicking back, having a beer and going to the pool. In short, it’s an important day to power down and party up.

In the spirit of a party, let’s sketch up some party animals. Pull out your sketch book and get to drawing up a great party animal. You can keep it civil or go nuts. Your drawings can be classy or trashy. It’s up to you. Remember Spuds MacKenzie from the 1980’s Bud light commercials? So classy!

The bottom line is, enjoy your Saturday. Create the party time you so rightly deserve and need. See you tomorrow party animals! Go wild!

Originally published at on June 25, 2016.

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