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I am Andre Cardoso and I’ve been involved in the CE-5 Initiative since 2010 when I first discovered the work of the Disclosure Project, the Orion Project and CSETI as founded by Dr Steven Greer. Since then I have been on many field-work expeditions with small CE-5 working groups and have met so many wonderful people who have taken it upon themselves to further this radical citizens diplomacy initiative.

To know that this is one of the most important things happening in our world right now and realizing that I wanted to do everything I could to expand this movement got me thinking: ‘what inspired me to get involved in the first place?’ It was in reading the heartfelt and honest stories of CE-5 ambassadors who had been doing this since the early 90s. So, I thought, the best thing I can do now is to help share more honest and heartfelt stories of CE-5 ambassadors with new folks, and the medium that stood out as one where I could do that is by creating an audio podcast. So I hunkered down and learned all I could about audio production, and started getting in touch with people who were ready and willing to share their stories and insights with the world. …


Andre Cardoso

Writer, audio producer, meditation teacher

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