Virtual Reality — Hype, Danger or Opportunity

You dive into a world that seems to be totally real to you without realizing that your brain is playing a trick on you

Perhaps you are feeling like me until recently. You recognize steadily in a variety of media the topic of virtual reality without having a deeper insight.

Virtual Reality, brief VR, is a technology, which simulates a real or assumed environment. In this environment, the user will be added digitally and can interact with it. The VR gadgets currently on the market allow mostly seeing, touching and hearing. The other senses are not yet or only very limited so far addressed.

During the 90s Virtual Reality emerged already, but was then perceived mainly by geeks. The VR-veterans of the past mentioned in retrospect not the cost but the bad content the crucial problem. Will the phenomenon Virtual Reality similar fare this time, will users conjure up dangers or can we discover undreamed of opportunities?


The gadgets of users are now mainly headsets or glasses. To the still relatively favorable variants like the Google Cardboard or for example the Samsung Gear VR smartphones are inserted. The image simulation is then projected from the display via lenses in the users’ eyes. Devices for connecting to a game console such as the Playstation or a PC then the user gets with specially built-in displays.

For subsequent presentation and simulation of a real environment 360 degree cameras are used. The currently most prominent example is the open-source camera from Facebook.

Virtual Reality Software and Applications

The already possible applications are manifold and go in both the private as well as in the professional part of life.

In summary, so far outweigh clearly the leisure and gaming content. The first startups already scenting opportunities in other fields such as education, to make for example the school lessons clear and tangible.

Dangerous Future? …

Research projects have already started and investigate the effect of Virtual Reality on the brain, eyes and nerves. The researchers expect that within VR activities eye strain and the so-called cyber-sickness may occur. In the latter, the sensory cells rush to head off literally.

… or unimagined Opportunities?!

The enormous possibilities in connection with VR can be probably far only estimated. So the development of technologies like Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) in the technical area will benefit.

And so I give a forecast: Virtual Reality will not stay a one-day-wonder on this occasion but will furthermore enrich many markets in the coming years.

Enjoy your Life

André Wehr

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