Thank You Chance The Rapper!

Digital Citizenship can be defined in simpler terms as the usage of using technology carefully and responsibly. It is about ones civic life on the World Wide Web. What are you using the Internet for? Who are we speaking to? How are we relaying our messages and moments? Young people, presumably between the ages of 16 and 27, are the largest demographic using the Internet. Some will even say that that age group has the strongest opinions and altering today’s society. Bennet mentions that perhaps we do not engage in politics, traditional news and society in general because we refuse to partake in things that do not share out values. Why would be engage in a system that doesn’t change and is visibly corrupt? The youth is more likely to join in on a social movement that is non-government related and backed by a celebrity. I believe it is more common to find an actualizing citizen than a dutiful citizen because it is easier to participate in something that hits close to home. There is also more passion and reason when you join in on something that is personal, it feels more like an accomplishment. It is more rewarding.

Chance The Rapper uses his platform to encourage his fans to become more involved in local and government. He also uses it to enforce education and the arts in poor communities. Chance’s message is to join in on the conversation whether it is Black Lives Matter, Immigration, Education or Politics. His selfless act to turn his tour into a place when his fans (the youth) to vote did not go unnoticed. With his critically acclaimed album and his positive energy, he removed the “cool” factor from his concerts and created a social movement. It made it easier for people who put off registering to vote because the mind-boggling election. It also helped that the most popular artist of 2016 made registering to vote cool and a priority.

Everything involving youth has changed. The way children are being educated now involves technology. Social media is being integrated into curriculums. The act of learning is changing. You can learn any trade or task on Youtube. I, personally, learn many facts and insights on social media; some I even apply in my everyday life. As a digital citizen, I use all the platforms for expression, education and entertainment. I read about and join social movements that pertain to me and those close to me. Immigration, Racial Equality and Mental Illness Awareness are three issues that I am constantly educating myself on. Applying my education to this topics and thinking of ways to go the extra mile. As a digital citizen, I can share it with the world.

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