Working in groups.

Through the semester we have saw very different topics and methods about how to learn, among all of them seen so far, the one that has caught my attention the most, has been the importance of work in groups within the classroom. That method is much known inside of our education in Colombia. At the schools is usual to see this kind of work in classrooms, but, the teachers really know what is the importance of it, or how to do this successfully?

That is where my interest came in. First of all is primordial have in account the importance of group work interaction, a lot of teachers thinks that the personal development is the most important for the individual growth, but now I have learn that this method can engage the student to learn best, turning the learning in something feasible.

A way to involve students in the active learning is to have them learn from each other in these groups formed in class. To this be successful a group assignment needs to be designed so that it leads to collaborative learning (Michaelson et al, 1997).

So, in my opinion, Individual work is as important as collective work, lately a lot of new approaches and techniques are getting inside the way of education and classrooms, for us as future teachers can be useful to take all of them in consideration for our teacher practices because the innovation is a tool for create the best classes thinking in our students, the group activity is not a new technique, but there are aspects that are relevant in the education of today and we have them present at the time to teach. For example one strategy that catch all my attention of this technique was “Choose tasks that are appropriate for groups” in this set there are activities such as brainstorming, problem solving, making a specific choice, planning and designing, forming strategies, or debating an issues. Those activities can work perfectly inside a student’s group, I think that those tasks can accomplish the very first intention of work with others, learn; also is important to set the goals with the activity, make open-ended questions where nobody is right or wrong just everybody participate and give their opinion and perspectives to promote higher-level thinking; a well structure task with the time that they are going to have to do the proposed activity; etc.

The above was what I liked most of the subject of methods and approaches so far without counting the amount of activities, methods and realities that the teacher lives with his students in a classroom that I have learned, since knowing this heap of teaching techniques and group management will be crucial for the future when we begin our teaching labour.

I chose this technique specifically because how I mentioned earlier is a very usual technique, but we did not know what connotations it had, what was its correct use, its purpose and the way in which it must be carried out to be successful but now I do.

By: Melissa García

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