Okay, so, I get it. Technology is advancing super fast and Covid has totally changed the employment game, but I think we may be reaching a breaking point. I want to talk about three items that have been arising in the application round.

First, the pre-screen questions

At first, I really liked companies that requested that I answer a question or two because it helped me focus on pitching to that company specifically. I knew what was important to them by the questions that they were asking me, so it removed so much guessing and speculation. But then, as I…

I know you are busy. I know that you are looking at, at times, hundreds of resumes. I also know that there is a good chance that you have an ATS which you are using to weed out those who are less qualified. I often get the automated message that you have received my resume.

Now, before I have sent you my resume, I have read and highlighted keywords in your job description, I have researched the company on your site and Glassdoor, and I have done a general social media search. I use all that info to tweak my…

I just read this article, , and have shared it like a million places because it uncovered this simple yet buried insecurity that I think I have been carrying around for years. Carrying it around not just in my professional life, but in my personal life as well.

I am not a specialist or an expert. Through and through I am a generalist. And I always felt ashamed of that. I have diverse interests and skills and areas of study. It has allowed me diversity and freedom in life and opportunity, but that I never had the context…

So, I have turned my hunting for a job into a full time job.

The first week I did a brain dump, I read the advice, watched the webinars.

The second week I redid my resume and cover, I updated all the job search sites that let you post your resume. I set up searches on every platform. I bookmarked sites to check every day and every week because they didn’t send out daily alerts. I gathered jobs and started to apply.

The third week, I applied, applied, and applied. I tweaked my resume and cover and caught up on…

If we keep with the two main pieces of resume advice that seem to be universally agreed upon, one keep it to one page and two, stay streamlined and focus on keywords.

So then, where do I start? What do I include in my story? What do I leave out? When does my career start? Did my career start?

Does my story start when I transition into operations? Does it start when I realized that writing was a pipedream? Does it start when I was able to pay my rent for the first time? Does it start at the mall…

So, I have watched the webinars, read the blogs, listened to the podcasts, downloaded the guides, filled out the exercises to absorb all the advice. And I am utterly confused.

Did Covid totally change the game? Or have I just been playing with a different set of rules?

Do the research. Take the advice. Play the ATS game. Make it through the funnels.

How do you connect with employers that may be interested in your unique skill set, if a robot is the first line of defense? When all of the advice contradicts each other?

  • Have an objective, it helps…

Or, the rebranding.

So, here I am, at the beginning of a journey.

To look back, assess, and figure out what my next steps are.

I am on the other side of the recruiting and hiring table (and I am thankful that I put some good karma out there when I was searching for candidates).

So where do I begin?

How do I know where I want to end?

How do I re-find and redefine my professional self?

When did I become lost?

I am searching.

I am open.

I am free.

I am lost.

I am excited.

I am terrified.

I am confident.

I am full of self-doubt.

Everything is a possibility.

I don’t know where to start.

I suppose, I am starting here.

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Listen :: The Bouncing Souls ::

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The Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics:

A Punk Rock Prom

Flashes bounce off

spiked bracelets and studded belts

as we pose for pictures

in the alleyway behind Metro.

Our hair dyed to match

our Salvation Army dresses –

taffeta frills and bows overtake

shoulders and obscure faces.

Suspenders clipped on worn out Dickies

Fiend skulls show through

ripped button down shirts

tattoos stick out

of shirt collars and spaghetti straps.

A suped-up Civic turns

into the alley

jerks to a stop — Freaks.

They shout from behind tinted windows.

Eggs splatter

against the concrete

and crack against bodies

yolk oozes onto skin and satin.

We hurl stones — they throw

bounce the car in reverse

off the windshield

ping the hood

nick the paint.

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Listen :: Cocksparrer ::

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Take ’em All

Only one street light sputters

almost illuminating the alley.

As I walk from Metro I hear

Motorhead spitting

through the speakers

of Hughes’ parked car

and skateboard cracks

against the pavement.

Black T-shirts with assorted

skate company and band logos

sit on their boards,

daring each other

to do impossible tricks.

I tackle Dave. He slides

over, making just

enough room on his board for

me to squeeze on and press against his damp body.

Hey Bratface, he says not looking at me.

Matt is trying…

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I am in my thirties, my early thirties at that, but sometimes I feel like a much older woman. After text messaging was invented, I was good with technology. Give me limited internet, Microsoft Word with the squiggly lines reminding me that I can’t spell worth a damn, and a phone where I don’t have to call someone, and I am set*.

I belong in a simpler time, when choices were limited and you found out about new bands through your friends. All the tech, all the platforms, all the access that everyone has to say anything that is on…

andrea janov

Over-organized poet. People operations and culture expert. Armature archivist.

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