The Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics published in SubtleTea

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The Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics:

A Punk Rock Prom

Flashes bounce off

spiked bracelets and studded belts

as we pose for pictures

in the alleyway behind Metro.

Our hair dyed to match

our Salvation Army dresses –

taffeta frills and bows overtake

shoulders and obscure faces.

Suspenders clipped on worn out Dickies

Fiend skulls show through

ripped button down shirts

tattoos stick out

of shirt collars and spaghetti straps.

A suped-up Civic turns

into the alley

jerks to a stop — Freaks.

They shout from behind tinted windows.

Eggs splatter

against the concrete

and crack against bodies

yolk oozes onto skin and satin.

We hurl stones — they throw

bounce the car in reverse

off the windshield

ping the hood

nick the paint.

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