Did Harley-Davidson Convince the Feds to Fake a Major Safety Report?
Fergus Nolan

Motorcycle safety considerations…

Thank you for sharing Fergus Nolan, very interesting. It is sad to admit that this time the EU beat us: Ducati, the Piaggio group, Triumph and the big Japanese manufacturers already complied and Polaris is quickly catching up, perhaps with the intention of selling Indians in EU. I have integral breaking on my Moto Guzzi and I have found it sufficient albeit I would not mind knowing that I have ABS and I do not have to modulate in the rain. However I am quickly becoming an advocate for systems that increase rider awareness perhaps even before ABS and other expensive features that are useless, for example, if you don’t know someone is about to run into you as you change lane, turn signal and all, becouse they are not paying attention. Thoughts on that angle, please?

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