I love to dance

Charles Baudelaire, a great poet, said that “The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” Dancing is a good form of art that use our body to express our feelings or emotions through of movements from our head to our feet. Dancing is a beautiful action that some people do it to motivate. There are many reasons that why I love dancing since I was a child. I didn’t remember so well when I learned to dance, but my mom told me that I like to act as a famous singer and actress from my country called “Sharon la Hechicera”. Sharon sang national music which is a different type of music, traditional from my country, and made a soap opera about her life. When I was five years old at that time, Sharon was my inspiration and motivation to dance. I had many experiences dancing in my childhood and in my school.

I tried to dance when I was 1 year old

My family liked me how I danced since I was one year old. At that time, I believe that I started to love dancing because my mom told me many stories about me dancing when I was a child. One of these stories is the most important for me because it’s so funny and lovely. One day my mom was washing the laundry and brought me to the last floor where was the laundry. While my mom washed the laundry, and listened to music on the ratio, I was playing with my toys. My mom liked to listen music when she washed, or cleaned the house. When I heard a song from Sharon, I began to dance so funny. My mom was laughing about my dancing, so she put in loud volume the ratio and any song that was on the ratio, I tried to dance. My mom told my siblings what happened with me, and my older brother took me a video dancing.


Another story is when I started imitating Sharon. As I said, Sharon was my inspiration, why her? I don’t know, but I saw her soap opera and her shows, and I liked. When I was four years old, I remember that I tied a mom’s shirt on my head because I had short hair. Sharon had a long hair and wore small clothes in her shows. I might wear a small pink shirt, and a short to imitate her so well. Then, I began to dance as Sharon did with her songs. Sharon danced and sang at the same time, but I imitated her because she danced so well, and her music was so good. My brother bothered me a lot, so I decided to stop imitating her. It was good because when I was a kid, I dreamed to be a dancer as Sharon, but no singer. I had decided to be a dancer for a while, but I changed my decision because my aunt said that it was not good to be a professional person.

When I was in pre-k, my school made a festival for celebrating its 20 years’ anniversary. All students danced and wore costumes of many cartoons, such as Mickey and Minnie, power rangers, Superman and Wonder Woman, and so on so far. My classroom chose to wear costumes of Mickey and Minnie mouse. Also, we chose to dance salsa and merengue music. We practiced many times and my professor put me in the front because she loved how I danced so well, and followed all the steps of choreography. Finally, the wonderful day came after three weeks, my classroom was ready for the performance. Before the performance, we went to a hairdressing salon where women worked just for making up. They made us up to look like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, so they paint us the whole face with white color and designed the nose and the whiskers with black color. Then, we finished, we went to the place which was the performance. We danced in second place of fourteen classrooms in the most famous street of my city. I started dancing, I felt so well, and people clapped me, and some parents said to my mom that I danced so well for my age.

In conclusion, I love and like dancing, it makes me very happy and enjoy doing it. It’s my favorite hobby for doing exercises, or in parties. Also, it makes me to forget problems, and I feel that I can fly or be free from my problems. Now, I think that if I will study to be a dancer, I would be a professional and would also get money. It’s an art good for everybody can learn. I dance because it’s a good option to feel good and remove stress.

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