It’s called the ADA, Donald. And it’s a law.
Janet Morris

Most accessibility features in buildings and other infrastructure add *less* than 1 percent to the total cost of the building. The secret is, you have to design the building with the accessibility features already in it before you start building, before you even have a hole in the ground. Accessibility features in buildings only become “expensive” or cost “millions of dollars” if you didn’t bother to design for accessibility and then had to be forced to actually tear out parts of an existing building in order to do them again with the accessibility features built in this time. Therefore, I can only see two reasons why someone would try to claim that they have spent “millions of dollars” on accessibility features in buildings:

  • They don’t understand the actual costs of accessibility and are just making up the numbers, OR,
  • They violated the law, got caught, and were forced to tear out parts of an existing building so they could be done right.

Neither of which should be bragged about. So even before I finished reading your story, as soon as I saw the bit about Trump bragging about spending money on accessibility, I guessed that either or both of these had to be the case.

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