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I’ve recently gotten a bunch of new followers, so I want to share some of my favourite and best performing posts.

From 2018

  • Making It Count: Discipline — In this story, I reflect on the concepts of self-disciple through the lenses of environmentalism, compassion and productivity.
  • On Childhood Bullying — This one was popular and upon rereading it, I still enjoy it.
  • Why Women Deflect the Praise They Deserve — This was edited for Forge. It’s more powerful than when I originally wrote it.
  • Take Yourself Out On a Date (I changed the title today from A snippet from the life of a homebody) — I remember the evening I wrote about in 2018 and now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, this story feels especially significant to me. …


Andrea Toole

Digital Marketing Manager | Freelance Writer | ADHD Coach for adults | Available for hire. I mostly separate my ‘Jew’ from ‘Woo’.

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