"When The Light Fails"

When the light fails, all words become insignificant. Prose, poety, nothing can compare to the touch of his hands; the grazing of his lips; the heat of his tongue; everything about him raises gooseflesh and plays my heart to a frenzy!

Gasp in — ! Hot breath drawn from my lips splayed in ecstacy as candle wax falls like summer rain. His eyes gleam, wolfish in the warm light; a low growl rumbles from his throat as he sinks his teeth into my flesh.

Gasp in — ! Blue curtains billow as lightning cracks and thunder booms through the night, hungry and yearning for more…

Our souls rise to meet the tempo of the storm, breath and hearts joined as one. Flesh meets flesh, heat meets heat and love crackles through the air encapsulating our perfect union. The storm rages on, sweat beading like dew and rapture crashing in waves.

As bodies surge and roll into one, the last high keen and low howl mark the surrender of the storm to calm. A warm breeze whispers through the trees and mingles with our own soft whispering breaths of love, bodies sated and hearts fluttering to a calm within the peace of Oneness.

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