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Al termine di questa crisi di governo, non riesco a liberarmi da una strana energia.

Dopo aver visto uno dei peggiori governi della storia moderna cadere per KO tecnico auto-inflitto pensavo che almeno per quest’estate la politica italiana avesse dato il peggio di sé. Nelle settimane seguenti invece abbiamo assistito a negoziazioni solamente basate su quanti e quali ministri distribuirsi. L’Italia è quasi rimasta orfana di un governo per un titolo da vice-premier e per una votazione on-line la cui unica garanzia di veridicità è un’azienda privata. …

While debating the latest news around Brexit, the Italian governmental crisis, Kashmir or Hong Kong, I often hear a little buzz in my head. Like the sound an iPhone makes when receiving an email. It started a few years back.

It used to be quite remote — almost inaudible — when I still worked for the private sector. Yet, whatever I was doing, I couldn’t escape it. Bzzz. Bzzz.

On March 29th2017, when I decided to take a big jump and focus my career on politics, the buzz grew in intensity. While describing courageous reforms of the EU, or pushing…

It was 1989 when history took one of its last major turns.

While in Europe the Soviet Union started to collapse, our parents’ generations rejoiced. The shade of Communism, the Cold War, and the nuclear nightmare were suddenly gone. It was over. The fears of a generations crumbled, like the bricks of the Berlin Wall.

Back then, it was almost impossible to see how, 7,000km away from the cheering masses dancing on the crumbles of that Wall the torch of freedom was snatched, once more.

It all started in a Square in Beijing where — at its peak — one…

[Opening speech for the “Future of the Movement” Volt Retreat, Brussels, July 13–14 2019]

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This weekend, we have half a million friends and 55,000 relatives to answer to. This metaphor constantly bangs in my head.

Last May, 500,000 people trusted us with their most powerful weapon. The only real one they have to fix what needs fixing in their lives. Their vote. They voted for us. I do not believe that they did it lightly. We are not widely known, we do not have famous people that people can relate to, and even our brand does not evoke any particular…

Andrea Venzon

🌍 Building NOW!, the global movement pushing for humanity to work as One to solve the biggest challenges of our time!

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