London is the perfect place to develop your career basically after your bachelor’s degree.

Moreover, London is one of the most opened places with relevant opportunities. Indeed, many startups are easier financed by venture capitalists, angel investors, banks, …. In addition, most people could start their new business in that place.

Following my experience, after my Bachelor’s Degree I decided to go to London after my Bachelor Degree about Banking Finance in Cattolica, Mila (ITA) not only to study English but also to find a company for doing Internship necessary to start to practice my studies.

Firstly, I could find promptly a Real Estate Business in Camden Town, Ringley Group, working in the Finance Department. That was great for my work experience due to my passion about Real Estate. Therefore, I could meet many people from different countries and so with different cultures. Furthermore, I could start to learn how the Real Estate, including also Property Management, work in different apartments around London Area, which the market is definitively dynamic. Consequently, working full time every day I could improve faster my English level and thus, I was able to get a relevant IELTS level, which was necessary to access to a master program at Hult International Business School, in Boston.

Indeed, with my work experience in London and my IELTS certificate I could be accepted to not only MIB, Master of International Business, but also for a Dual Degree in International Finance in Boston. Consequently, I could get additional opportunities to extend more my career and experience in the Global Context.

As an overview, I recommend to everybody to consider London for getting first new opportunities.

London is the best place for learning, opening own mind and exploiting first relevant opportunities