3 weeks and all’s well!

Today marked three weeks at my new job as an Android Developer at Arity. I have nothing but respect and admiration for my bosses and peers, and am very fortunate to be working there.

The team I am on works on the Driving Behavior SDK (https://developer.arity.com/driving-behavior). So far I am learning the existing code, and have been doing an internal mini-application for the purpose of testing. I even got to work on a python script (my first ever!) to help analyze some of the data coming from the testing of devices.

Arity (spun off from Allstate) retains all of the great benefits of working at a big company, with the feeling of being in a start-up environment. (I don’t have experience at a startup, but that’s what I am told.) Working in the Merchandise Mart is really cool, too. There are many big-shot tech companies and startups there and there are tech Meetups every evening hosted in cool office spaces in companies like Motorola Mobility, Razorfish, Yelp, Allstate/Arity, Braintree, and the tech accelerator space “1871”!

I am working very hard to increase my skills and become a skilled and well-rounded developer. I hope to be able to help others do the same soon, too!