Becoming a leader

“Be an information sponge. Eventually, that knowledge will start to come out of you as well as go in. Just keep learning, keep humble and appreciative to anyone helping you, and never give up. Before long, you’ll be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.”

Today I found myself being asked for advice by a career changer and that is what I told him. I am honored to have been asked, and happy to be of help to anyone trying to improve themselves and their futures through learning.

One of my goals is to grow into a leader and mentor for others who choose to go into tech, with a specific emphasis on women and career changers. I support all people, but this is the segment of the population of which I am a part, and about whom I am most comfortable speaking.

Last week I attended a panel discussion about learning to code, and several of the panelists spoke about how you are never really comfortable with your level of knowledge as a coder. You are always learning, and always feel like you don’t know enough. There is always more to learn, and technology is quickly evolving, so you have to be willing and able to adapt as needed. This “problem” is an advantage, in my opinion. I don’t know of many jobs where a person can count on a challenge every day, and where a person will always have new things to learn and use. As with any job, you may have personality differences and communication issues on a team or in a company, but the work itself is creative, collaborative, and gratifying.

I really appreciate the opportunity to learn continually. I wish I had started earlier, but am very glad I finally did.

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