Get By With a Little Help …

For a few days I have been struggling to figure out how to do something in Python. While it’s not the language I began studying in May 2016 to start on the road to becoming a software developer (Java), I enjoy the learning process and really like Python as a language. Due to my experience level in Java, I would likely have the same difficulty if I tried to solve this problem in Java. However, the fact that I am having so much trouble with a (seemingly) simple problem gives me plenty of self-doubt. The famous “imposter syndrome” has got a hold of me again. So, I googled “programmer advice when blocked feeling stupid” to try and realign my mental state. The following Stack Overflow question and answer from Ryan Hayes was perfect:

being really good at programming takes time. It’s sort of like playing an instrument. Are some people naturally gifted? Yep. But many of the greats just practiced longer, and harder. Programming is the same way — it takes practice.
For the rest of your programming career, the field will change. You will at many points in your life be the new guy, no matter if you were once the expert.”

As a woman, and as a middle-aged career changer, imposter syndrome can be especially hard. I have maturity and determination on my side, though. I’ve worked through many challenges in life and know not to panic and how to get the emotional support I need. (I am also grateful to have a very supportive manager and company, which helps a great deal. I am never made to feel inferior.) I hope that my fellow newbie coders and career changers can benefit from the links I have attached. Hang in there! We can do this!