Week 9 and the 2nd to last project

This week — halfway through the 2nd to last project — 1 of my 2 teammates got a job and bailed on us. Now the only other female student and myself are trying to get the project done. The instructor asked the teacher’s assistant to fill in, but she spends so much time helping others (one of whom is constantly interrupting the instructors with questions unrelated to the project), that I end up waiting half the day for her attention. It is frustrating, and although she is helping by doing a part of the project as a “teammate”, we have a hard time getting help on our sections.

Yesterday the instructor went through some code examples in languages I have not studied yet - to see if I could tell what was going on. I could, and he reassured me that if I understand well enough to do that, that I am doing just fine. So that is good news. I still doubt myself, but in 3 more weeks I hope to be more sure of my skills.