I voted third party: the beer party

11/6/2018 — The day I cast my ballot for the beer party. I didn’t actually write beer on my ballot, but I did celebrate the day with a free beer; the right to vote and the right to free beer, what could be better?!

A local restaurant/ brewery was giving a mug of free beer for anyone with an “I voted” sticker. So naturally, a friend and I wandered into the ‘not as crowded as I’d expect’ restaurant. We couldn’t get a seat at the bar, but they were cool with us getting a table. I ordered some fried cheese curds (naturally) and asked the server if she could recommended a beer for my (crazy) non-beer loving friend. She did, and we received our beer. My beer wasn’t up to par, it tasted watery and didn’t have too much flavor. My friends beer was not a beginner friendly pour, it was darker and more “hoppy” than mine. Point being, I was more happy about having a voice in this election than I was about our beer. But it was free, so we left a nice tip and were on our merry way.

Cheers to beer and having a voice!

What kind of voting deals were you able to snag with your voting sticker?