When I Google “Why are we obsessed”… “with the Kardashians” is number three for search options.

This is crazy. I’m obsessed with them, but I don’t completely know why. I record every new Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, I follow them on Snapchat, and I’m always curious as to what they’re up to.

My theory for our obsession:

  1. We want their life- No explanation needed.
  2. They’re trendy AF- they know what’s in style and what products to use. Their eyebrows are on fleek, their clothes set style trends, they know about top of the line products and they’re always up to the next best thing.
  3. They have the power to influence- Not only do they influence the products we use and things we strive to do, but their social media presence is insane. If one of them tweeted that they lost 50 pounds by only eating donuts, the donut industry would sky rocket.
  4. We wish our job was to be on TV- Their personal life is their job. They do things we can’t imagine doing; Whether that be due to money, fame, friends, time, ability or location. We’re interested in the things we can’t have. When we watch the Kardashians, it almost feels like we’re the ones taking a quick trip to NYC on our private jet to eat the best cronut in the nation.
  5. $$$- Multiple cars, private jets, mansions… the list goes on and on.
  6. Family- There’s a ton of them and they’re all very close. They always have each others back.
  7. They’re inspirational- Admit it. They’ve built an empire and have done a good job at maintaining it. However, they also have flaws. This makes us average folks feel good about ourselves while still feeling inspired to strive for the best.

What’s your theory for our Kardashian obsession?