Live Chat is a Marketing Game Changer

I started using live chat about four years ago. I had just published a website, where I was selling a product I’d launched and I was obsessively watching the Real-Time data in Google Analytics. Each time a new visitor dropped onto the site, I desperately wanted to know who they were and why they were there. So, I installed SnapEngage Live Chat. Immediately, I started getting chats with questions and comments. I managed the chat and found that I was quickly increasing sales, uncovering ways to improve the site, and even received interest from a possible acquirer. I was sold. Live chat is a game changer.

Since that experience, I’ve been an advocate for the use of live chat for marketing and sales. As a believer and practicing inbound marketer, I saw how providing a direct line from the prospect to my business allowed me to usher my visitors through their inquiry on my site and ultimately provide a bridge between the work I was doing in marketing and my sales team.

So, when I started working with the team at SnapEngage, I was thrilled for the opportunity to share what I’d learned and share the good word about how live chat can level up marketing. To do this, I recently wrote a guide — How to Leverage Live Chat to Get More Out of Inbound Marketing.

If you’re at all interested in increasing your site conversion and number of qualified leads, read this guide. And, if you want to know more, reach out to me or check out SnapEngage.

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