Pinkwashing: Or, How Not To Market to Women
Nicole Hallberg

“ Go find a real, living, breathing female. Ask her what she cares about. And when she tells you, and she doesn’t give you the information that you expected to hear, don’t tell her that she’s wrong.”

but this is patriarchy to a T isn’t it? it’s not just marketing; it’s our lives. it’s our doctors and our lawmakers and the men we work with and are friends with. I had a guy mansplain to me female sexuality the other day and I just stared, gobsmacked, because, sure, of course some dude thinks he knows more about female sexuality than an actual woman. he actually said, “well YOU may experience it this way, but most women do not.” ummmm okay.

so with men trained up thinking they know more about us on every damn subject, how can they possibly know how to market to us?

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