Melania Trump isn’t a black and white issue
talia jane

ugh I hesitate to even comment, because it’s, as you say, not a black and white issue. but I also hesitate to use the word evil. that orange husband of hers? evil and narcissistic and despicable. but I don’t find her evil per se. I find her to be vapid and shallow and unintelligent. likely, she’s paraded out and told what to say and she parrots it and then goes back to her gilded cage. she chose this life and I’m sure the luxury feels worth the sacrifice of being wife to that monster, but I don’t doubt that he treats her like utter shit. he treats all women like disposable objects; I doubt his wife is any different.

so is it weird that I can hate her while also pitying her? she chose this, but maybe this ride has gone further than she thought she signed up for? or maybe she chose it thinking he wouldn’t be so bad, but turns he’s every bit the monster we all know he is? I kind of hate her, but I also kind of feel bad for her. but then I remember how her opulent life is funded by taxpayers and then I hate her again.

what strikes me is this: she is doing these small acts of rebellion in public. why? why isn’t she scared? it’s kind of fascinating in a train wreck kind of way.

you wanna talk about complicit, though? let’s talk about Ivanka. that woman is intelligent and still supports this horror show.

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