You Don’t Have to Recognize My Womanhood
Galen Mitchell

well said!

I can understand people being confused by those of us who are different than them, but I can’t wrap my head around why they’re so damn angry about it. I mean, I can analyze and discuss it and break down the basics of bigotry and fear of breaking the very strident rules of gender and sex under Patriarchy, but I cannot for one minute relate to it.

I’m not trans, so I don’t want to compare our experiences, but as a bi woman, I’ve even experienced this from the queer community (though less so in the last year or so, as people become more educated). people get so angry when you don’t fit their preconceived ideas and you’d think queer people would get that more than anyone, but not necessarily. and it’s erasure. and erasure is so dangerous to the psyche.

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