Your Calls For Unity Are Divisive As F*ck
The DiDi Delgado

white lady here to raise my hands in applause!

I work damn hard to keep learning and listening and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that sometimes we white women should be using our privilege for good, say to lift up the voices of WoC, and sometimes we should just shut the fuck up and listen. I’m always grateful to read something difficult and have my notions challenged. and it IS work! nobody ever changed themselves by sitting comfortably, so thank you for the discomfort :)

I respectfully ask, however, if we welcome the “British,” at what cost do we do so? Because, this isn’t about me. If I so choose, I can be fairly safe from this administration, outside of healthcare and reproductive rights, by passing for straight, by being white, by pretending to agree (I can’t imagine that, but let’s say I did), but when my Muslim and Latino friends are being targeted, when my trans friends are being murdered and persecuted, when we know that this orange Nazi only amps up the animosity and violence toward PoC, aren't we just trading one oppressor for a more efficient one? Or maybe I just completely misunderstood your point and, for that, just tell me to shut up and work on my reading comprehension.

I’m certainly not calling for any sort of unity (I’m always skeptical of any sort of demand of fealty to a majority), and I totally get why you’d want to enjoy the show so to speak. I get that!

And if you start that iPad mini kickstarter, I’m sure we can raise the dough.

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