Happiness, what is happiness? And why are we trying to find it? Is it something that is found? Are we really looking for it? Why do we have this urgency to find it? Is it that we live in a constant state of unhappiness? Of resignation and conformism towards the situation we’re in? The truth? The answer to all those questions could be as simple or as complicated as finding out that it is in fact our only purpose, and by this I truly mean that, we’re here to be happy! That is it, that is all, the rest isn’t important, but, do we know how to be happy? Or is it something that we need to learn or even relearn? And what does this tendency to find our purpose in life mean? It probably means that in some way by fulfilling our purpose we gain certain control over our own vulnerability before the lack of decision we have of existing in this world, and over the fact that some day that same existence will inevitably come to an end.

What is it that makes us happy? Do we know how to separate happiness from pleasure? Are they connected? Are they part of each other? Pleasure might be immediate and fleeting, happiness is built, and takes time, but nourishes us, we must work on that ultimate happiness.

I’ve learned so far that in fact happiness is…

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