I Won’t Stop Speaking Up or Speaking Out

Why It’s Important To Care About Politics

The 2017 Women’s March in Grand Rapids, MI

For all the people that are inconvenienced by my opinions, the way I call out their ignorant friends, and the ones who are privileged to be apolitical/silent in this extremely tumultuous time, this one’s for you…

I won’t stop speaking out until my trans friends are accepted as having valid identities in society. Until they don’t have to worry about getting assaulted purely based on the fact that they exist. Until people stop arguing that “they/them” can’t be used as singular pronouns. Until people stop screaming “THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS!!!” when they don’t even know the definitions of sex and gender in the first place. Until my friends can dress however they like and not receive uncomfortable glares/harassment from complete strangers. Until their families can accept them for who they are.

I won’t stop speaking out until my black friends are no longer treated as second-class citizens. Until police stop murdering them in the streets, when they did nothing except be black to lose their right to live. Until they can stop being terrified of a cop pulling them over for fear of being shot. Until the system stops working against them, and black men aren’t incarcerated at a rate so much higher than white men.

I won’t stop speaking out until all of my friends of color can stop fighting to be treated equal. Until they get paid equally and get treated equally as human beings. Until my Muslim friends stop being accused of being terrorists because of their religion.

I won’t stop speaking out until women are protected. Until men stop threatening us with rape and death on the internet for sharing our opinions or rejecting them. Until what we do with our bodies is not up for debate on the senate floor and decided by old white men.

I won’t stop speaking out until rapists are held accountable for their actions instead of being let go after a few months “because it was a one-night mistake that shouldn’t be held against them for the rest of their lives.” Until men don’t have to adhere to society’s standards of what it is to be considered “a REAL man.”

I won’t stop speaking out until children can be themselves and not get disowned by their parents. Until my queer friends can marry whoever they want and adopt children more easily.

I won’t stop speaking out until we protect refugees fleeing from their war-torn home countries. Until we treat immigrants with compassion when they consider our country their new home. Until we stop treating poor people like drug-addicted criminals. Until everyone can receive healthcare without having to start a crowdfunding account.

I won’t stop speaking out until fat people are no longer body shamed for being content in the body that they exist in. Until disabled people don’t have to fight to be heard, to have things accessible for them, and until they’ve stopped being discriminated against.

I will never stop speaking out, because there will always be something wrong with our society. And it’s a damn shame.

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