On: Introducing Myself

My name is Andrea. I am 26. I live in Boston, have a cat named Arabella & live with my amazing boyfriend/chef/teacher/my best friend & biggest fan. My life has been…well full to be honest. Sometimes I feel as if I am suffering from early dimentia because I have lived in so many states, accomplished so many things, experienced so many moments, befriended and loved so many people who are no longer in my life, and I have worked over 30 jobs in my quarter of a lifetime. I cant even count the friends, the tournaments, the conferences, the tee times, the wins, the lovers, the shifts, the first dates, last dates, the flights, the books, the sales, the packages, the tests, the fights, the laughs, the late-night-wine/whiskey/pot/cigarette/movie/comedy filled nights spent with so many souls, the moments pressed so deeply into my sunconscious I couldn’t recall them if I tried.

I wish I could write it all down to help me remember, but that would be impossible. My life moves faster than my pencil, than my keypad even. My inspirations for new and old dreams move faster than the celebrations that they’ve been accomplished. And of course, I only remember the wins. Failures, shortcomings, mistakes — if I’ve ever had them they’re quickly forgotten. Regrets are only dreams not yet realized. And that brings me to now. To 2017. To this moment on January 13th at approximately 1:45 am, 2017 that these days are to realize the dreams not yet accomplished.

Now on to happiness: happiness my dear friends is in yourself at 8 years old. Happiness is in fashion magazines, in your heroes, your essence, your long forgotten dreams. Happiness for me is in re-connecting. Everything you need to discover yourself is well of course, in yourself. Put more simply, I was an athlete for 12 years. I was proudly married to golf from 1998 until 2010 where I discovered I could reach successful heights only achieved in a lifetime. I won over 100 tournaments & travelled across all of the United States for competition and to look at the universities that wanted me to play for them. Ultimately deciding on Vanderbilt University, I walked away from golf to discover my full soul and now that I’ve found it — I’ve met the love of my life, found a new religious path & G-d along the way, moved 10 times across 4 states to realize I’d love living near the Boston harbor, a love for & understanding of children & the importance of becoming an adult before having a child, the discovery of different cultures across 3 continents, started a successful business with my other loves (fashion married with solitude — more on that later) — I have ultimately decided to re-marry golf & finally combine all of the many parts of my soul. I was offered 3 positions at local country clubs to work on apparel sales & teaching golf while having the ability to use the facilities to play. I havent played golf in 5 years. I’ve decided to compete in the Women’s Open qualifier in Boston this summer. I am ecstatic. Many people think I’m crazy for wanting to compete after so many years of not playing. And maybe I am a little crazy. But love does that to you.

Meet Andrea. She’s very much in love with herself, her boyfriend, family, friends, cat, businesses, and golf. Did she mention writing yet? Oh yeah that too. Nerdy creative writing/ history double major. History too.