You’ve bought a shared hosting on Siteground and you want to install Node.js?

On the web you’ve read that is not possible to install Node on Shared Hosting environment or you’ve found tutorials that doesn’t work on Siteground?

Ok, this tutorial is for you!

First of all you need SSH access on your Siteground hosting. Create an SSH Key from you cPanel and then access to your hosting from your Terminal Utility

ssh -i "path/to/your/key" user@host -p18765

Now you are on your hosting, but you have no root access and you have a lot of limitation… But never give up!

And why this password can’t be password

stevepb on

Hi all, I’m here again to write my first post in english! Excuse me in advance if it will be full of errors. I’m an eternal student and I promise you that I will improve it.

The question that I want to share with you is the importance to set a custom password to all of your on line services (email, Facebook, IM, etc.), but also on your smart devices connected.

Today I’ve read about a new search engine service on line.

But it’s not like Google or Bing, it’s a new kind of search engine that helps you searching…

E soprattutto perché dobbiamo esserne contenti.

Oggi Tim Cook ha incontrato il Premier Matteo Renzi. A Roma.
Basterebbe già questo per fare notizia. Il CEO di Apple viene in Italia per incontrare il nostro Premier. Ma non basta, egli viene per annunciare l’apertura del primo Centro di Sviluppo App Europeo in Italia.

Ma non a Milano.

E nemmeno a Roma.

A Napoli.

Fonte: Wikipedia — Provincia di Napoli

Il Sud d’Italia diventa protagonista dei processi di innovazione del Belpaese e dell’Europa tutta. E lo fa con un investimento da parte di Apple nella formazione specialistica dei nostri connazionali e non solo.

Andrea Cannella

IT & Digital addicted. Sono un sognatore e vivo spesso nel mio Iperuranio.

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