6 Tips to Redefine Happiness in Your Life & Leadership

The ongoing perception is that top women leaders are either superhuman, super rich, or self-employed. Many stats depict women in leadership positions are struggling with well-being and are only “hanging on by a thread”, according to career strategist and author Megan Della-Camina, 70 percent of these women “believe the concept of success at work and home is a myth.”

Women often get taken off course by out-of-date societal models, family dynamics and obligations, and their own inner beliefs of what is possible for themselves. Most women will give the excuse that another woman they compare themselves to can have the career, family & lifestyle they have because of a unique factor that they do not possess. In reality, the main reason women are holding themselves back is because they are scared of what really is possible for them. In doing so, they are releasing their leadership values to the beliefs of society rather than harnessing it for themselves.

It’s not a matter of trading in tasks, time or money though — it’s about changing one’s inner definition of happiness and aligning one’s mindset and values to it. It seems that we’ve moved into a society where no one seems to know what they value anymore — including why being a female leader in their industry is important.

So what is the happiness factor? How does it factor into a woman’s motivation and actions as a leader? Happiness is typically measured as flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity and pleasure.

In hot pursuit of seeing women thrive, the happiness factor doesn’t have to remain the reason you lean out or negate the value you bring to the table. Here are 6 simple tips to redefine happiness and encourage women in leadership roles to shift their mindset to what they truly are capable of if they believe in themselves.

6 Tips to Redefine Happiness In Your Life & Leadership:

1) Get curious! If you were to stop trying to be perfect and looked at any situation from a place of curiosity — regardless of the challenges it may hold — how could you playfully come to solutions and strategies? For example, when you step into a leadership role the tendency is to try to get people to like you, resulting in behavior that may be more aligned with their values rather than your own. To buffer the role, get curious about how they operate, if you understand their motivating factors you can play to their strengths and they’ll love you for it!

2) Listen to your own feelings instead of the voice of tradition, authority or the majority — when you discover what you value and how you feel about situations your happiness factor will immediately improve because you’re not being swayed or taken off course. You’ll feel in alignment with what is important to you and what you value.

3) Identify your defenses & have the courage to give them up. Women have the belief that happiness is when everything is perfect and in trying to be perfect they put up defenses with “airs” and “armor”. It is hard to let go behavioural patterns that have been modeled and used, yet the moment you stop trying to armor or defend yourself the sooner you feel connection again. Connection is a key element in finding your happiness factor!

4) Surround yourself with those who lift you up not tear you down. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends, or work — those who are negative are the proverbial plague on happiness. You don’t have to keep buying into it though. All you need is 1 or 2 people who inspire you, lift you up and support you. Being positive, joyful and happy is contagious. Connect with 1 person daily who possesses those attributes and life will change dramatically.

5) Be here, Now! — It’s easy to fall into the habit of looking to the future or dwelling on the past, focusing on the present moment is essential for your happiness and well-being and it will keep you focused and in momentum. For example, when you start something new, women can often base their results on their past experiences and use the past to “predict the future”. Doing so will stunt happiness immediately.

Instead, focus on what you want, how it makes you feel right now, and derive focus from the emotional connection. Using emotion and feeling helps you understand why you want this and it guides you in the right direction! So use it to your advantage in the moment and daily.

6) Change it up!!! Yes we are creatures of habit — but following the same routines and structure day in and day out kills creativity and inspiration. Trying new things instead of sticking to safe paths will bring out the happiness factor and ignite your values so that you can step into what is possible for yourself as a feminine leader!

Being a feminine leader does not have to cost you happiness — in fact the opposite is true. When you’re thriving as a leader and standing in the value of your role happiness thrives and so will you!

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Andrea Carter is the CEO and founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior™ and Success on Fire Academy™, global training programs for leadership and success. Andrea started her career as a therapist specializing in women’s issues. She grew frustrated that there wasn’t one place that fully educated adults on the essential principles for creating successful careers and healthy living, or at least one that would generate connection and fulfillment in all areas of life.

For the past 15 years, Andrea has combined her clinical expertise with a fusion of science, psychology, spirituality and coaching which has resulted in optimal success for Olympic Athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and highly influential women entrepreneurs. She has been featured on well-respected media outlets including; ABC, CBS, Reuters, New York Business Journal, Market Watch and Fox News. Andrea is the author of the upcoming book, The Wealthy Woman Warrior: 8 Proven Strategies Redefining The Modern Successful Woman Leader.

Andrea describes herself as an avid science geek, passionate spiritual explorer, and a zealous thought leader for leadership and gender equality. She’s a shameless romantic wife of nearly 20 years and a hard-core Momma of 2. She believes that the world is ready for a global transformation beginning with igniting the spirit within while connecting with the world at large.



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