Experiment Together. Improve Together. Win Together
John Cutler

Always love your writing and the wonderful sketches that come together. Being objective about one’s own ‘contribution’ to the current situation is not easy! You don’t mention Karpman triangle (victim, persecutor, rescuer), but your examples are perfect persecutor stances. You could add in examples of the two other stances. ‘I’ll stay late to do those extra tickets’ (rescuer) or ‘I’m the last to hear about the test results’ (victim)… to round out the picture of the dance of drama at work. I am studying a facilitation method called ‘Clean for Teams’ or ‘Systemic Modeling’ that teaches group members to recognize the drama and flip it to ‘outcome’ orientation and ‘personal responsibility’… which then leads to trust. Very keen on working with teams to teach this — particularly in IT. It’s much more than just that — its a method of inquiry, curiosity, and modeling…. very cool stuff. Trying to marry it up with IT teams that need help…

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