Trial Balloon for a Coup?
Yonatan Zunger

I am sending this letter to every US Senator:10 Days into the new administration, the State Department has been gutted, critical science and data reporting agencies have been shuttered, presidential security has been replaced by a private corps, constitutionally questionable mandates have been enacted without input from relevant agencies. All decisions are now in the hands of a small group of appointed ideologues (by-passing congressional approval) and relatives of the president. An avowed white nationalist has replaced the entire command structure at NSC. The press has been demonized and more information control is on the drawing board.

You and other public servants were branded as the elites who enriched themselves while the people suffered. YOU are a targeted group.

America is lost.

It may be too late TODAY.

Please stop this man and his malignant plan to sow chaos and enrich himself.


Rabbi Andrea Kiener