If you haven’t read many books by Black Authors and would like to get started, we give you a list of some of our favorites!

1. Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

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If you loved Black Panther and binge-watched Game of Thrones, then this book is for you. It’s also the first of a trilogy!

This fantasy book draws from African Mythology to create a rich story about a boy that goes missing, and the mercenary hired to find him.
Buy this book and support local bookstores in doing so!

2. Grand Union, by Zadie Smith

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One of the most respected writers of our generation, Zadie Smith brings a collection of short stories that capture modern life and explore themes like race and class, gender roles, and politics through a variety of genres. …

The Golden Gate Bridge, coming out of the fog. And a Tesla service car. My first year in America in one picture.
  1. I’m not out of place. I’m an immigrant and I look different. But so does everyone else.
  2. The immigration process was not horrible even during the current political climate. I was able to file all the paperwork myself, without paying any lawyers to do so, and everything went smoothly and as expected. The process times were reasonable and the service excellent. Seriously, I could track my case online like I would an Amazon package being delivered.
  3. I was told there would be seasons. All this talk about how the farther north you went you would find this thing called Summer and this other thing called Winter. …

I’m definitely biased, I won’t lie. Guatemala has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Some of the sights I grew up with. There are volcanoes everywhere you look.

Growing up there I might not have appreciated it as I could have. My American husband visited more places in Guatemala in the two years that he lived there than I did in twenty-three. So now, after traveling for a while and living far away, I want to make the most of my trip whenever I go back.

I planned a trip to Petén, in the north side of the country and the heart of the Mayan world. I’m not kidding. In just this region there are more than fifty Mayan archaeological sites and they keep discovering more and more. …


Andrea Dardón Pell

Reader. Writer. Coder. Previously traveled around Europe as a Digital Nomad, now I live in New York City.

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