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I always say time flies by whether we are having the time of our lives or we are not. In the case of my Fellowship it is the former. Events and trips that seemed far away and that I anticipated with much excitement are now great memories.

In this post I want to share my experience running a session about gender equality on the Internet at MozFest 2015. My session was called “A Feminist Internet in 140 Characters” and it was part of the Digital Citizenship track. …

Month number 3 of my Fellowship, September, was a month full of creative processes for me. From sketching with paper and pencil to wireframing with Sketch and Invision. It was also a month where I had the opportunity to live the Mozilla experience a little closer. During one of our weekly calls the director of the Fellowship asked if I would be interested in getting feedback from the Mozilla design team, of course I said yes. …

Remember how I said I love traveling? That is still very much true. However, at the beginning of the second month of my fellowship I had to deal with jet lag for the first time in my life. A 13-hour jet lag might I add which was really hard to get over. I traveled from Manila to Mexico City to attend the LAC gigX (Latin America and Caribbean Gender and Internet Governance Exchange) and the LAC IGF (Internet Governance Forum).

During the LAC IGF, I was glad to learn my region has some really great players advocating for the Open Web. These players are civil society organizations like Fundación Karisma from Colombia and Derechos Digitales from Chile. …

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