Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship — Months 3 & 4

Month number 3 of my Fellowship, September, was a month full of creative processes for me. From sketching with paper and pencil to wireframing with Sketch and Invision. It was also a month where I had the opportunity to live the Mozilla experience a little closer. During one of our weekly calls the director of the Fellowship asked if I would be interested in getting feedback from the Mozilla design team, of course I said yes. Next thing I know I’m exchanging emails with Mozilla’s design director and then joining her and her team in one of their weekly video conferences. As a self-taught front-end developer/UX designer having the opportunity to get feedback from some of the best designers in the industry was simply priceless. They are people that breathe creativity and were very willing to share their ideas with me.

As my background on the Open Web is on web literacy this fellowship has allowed me to learn a lot about other issues the Open Web faces such as surveillance or zero-rating. I now look critically to how these issues occur in my country and I wrote a post on mass surveillance in Peru.

In September I also wrote my proposal for MozFest which was another creative process for me. Good news is, my proposal was accepted and I would be running a session called “A Feminist Internet in 140 characters” at MozFest this November in London.

When the end of September came I was very excited, I was going to see the other fellows and the Mozilla team in person after 3 months. The meeting was going to take place in a concrete jungle better known as New York City.

Our week together was great. I enjoyed spending time in person with the team, getting to know them more both on a personal and on a professional level. We had a facilitator that helped us run sessions where we discussed what had gone well in the Fellowship so far and what were the areas of opportunities. We also took the time to reflect on what we want out of this Fellowship both as individuals and for our host organizations. We had a talk with Mark Surman, we went to two Mozilla offices and we visited the Ford Foundation. One of my personal highlights was the opportunity to begin working on a project called NetPosi, a podcast about the intersection activism of and tech. Below a video of the making of NetPosi’s first episode in NYC.

Next stop: London for MozFest. Until then!