Supercharge your life in the new year with these 20 lists

Write your future self into existence with 20 prompts for reflection and planning

Andrea Drugay
Dec 18, 2018 · 2 min read
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Reflections on the past year

  1. Things you accomplished in the past year
  2. People who were important to you in the past year
  3. Important steps you took in your career
  4. Things you did for the first time
  5. Places you traveled (even in small ways!)
  6. Moments that made you smile
  7. Moments when you felt powerful
  8. Times when you helped another person
  9. Things you’re grateful for from the past year
  10. A motto that sums up the past year

Looking ahead to the new year and beyond

  1. Things you’d like to accomplish in the new year
  2. People you’d like to get to know better in the new year
  3. People who can help you get ahead or who can boost your career
  4. Leaders you’d like to learn from (they don’t need to be alive!)
  5. Relationships and habits you can gracefully leave behind
  6. Places you’d like to speak at, write for, or pitch to in the new year
  7. Skills or tools to learn that will help your career
  8. Things to learn that will improve your personal life
  9. Your ultimate career list — titles, companies, and projects you’d like on your resume someday
  10. A motto you’d like to live by in the new year

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