As I am sitting here speaking with other entrepreneurs discussing life and business. We started to speak on why we get asked the same question. Why would you start your business now? My question to you is why not.

In this day and age being able to follow your passion and bring you internal happiness is what most want yet some are at their 9 to 5 miserable and unhappy. My question is how long will you sit and just be okay with being okay?

Yes many stay at there 9 to 5 and start their business part-time and you know what that is an awesome way to start your business. Besides the tax breaks you get with having a business here are 3 reasons why you should start a business now.

  1. You are staring at your job and saying to yourself why am I here.

We all know that we’ve been taught to go to work and take care of your family. Not once in that sentence does it speak on you being happy within or being able to have a job that will fulfill your internal desires. So why are you at this job that you literally dread. Its time to stop, listen, and pursue your passion.

2. You’ve been sitting on an idea and have not pushed it into a business. You don’t have the investment.

How many of us have said or heard this? If you could see me I am jumping up and down because I have. You have an idea and did you know that most idea’s can be started at home? For low to no cost or even a small investment. Let me enlighten you find a hustle to fund your business. What many don’t grasp is how I utilized my cleaning business to fund my passion. The best decision I made. Was to stop with the excuses and walk in my truth.

3. Your city is giving away grants. Money, Money, Money!!
I have checked 5 cities within my area. They are giving out money for the brick and mortar businesses. I mean millions upon millions. If investing was the problem guess what your city has the solution. Now what is stopping you.

Their is no reason why you should not reap the benefits of starting a business. The happiness you will feel, you will stop staring at your job in disbelief, and you will watch yourself transition mentally and spiritually. The time is NOW!

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“I’ve always knew my purpose but had every damn excuse on why I didn’t start. Until my mindset shifted and my inner me said GO DO THE DAMN THING.”

Andrea A. Moore